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New Muzzlelite BullPup Conversion Stock Ruger 10/22 LR

Our Price: $104.95
Availability: In Stock

Item #: MZ1022

Stock Only - Barrel & Action Not Included

This is the popular BullPup stock conversion for the Ruger 10/22 LR. It is made of two halves split down the center of the stock. Integral hooded front sight and rear sight mounted in the carry handle. Your Action and Barrel assembly drops inside, and a trigger transfer bar links the new forward trigger to the trigger action. The stock halves are fastened with eight (8) mounting screws furnished in the kit. The action is located at the back of the stock allowing a much shorter overall firearm length. The magazine well and magazine release access is unaffected, and the safety is easily accessible. This makes a compact rimfire carry rifle for backpackers that stores easily. Durable compact construction, but it is not water resistant. Trigger mechanism requires minor adjustment of the action fit in the stock for best results. Kit includes stock, fasteners, strap, and scope mount. Notes: Will not fit 20-30 round bananna-style high cap magazines. Not available for sale in California or Canada.

Shipping and Handling: $13.95

Optional Items (Click on item name for full description):
Muzzle Brake & Flash Hider Blued - Item #: 2204Blk $19.50


Muzzle Brake & Flash Hider Stainless - Item #: 2204S. $19.50


MuzzleLite  MZ1022   Our Price: $104.95    

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